Thank you for scheduling a visit to WHP!



Hello! Thanks for scheduling a meeting to talk about your line and how we can partner better together. WHP is set up a little differently than other promotional product distributors. To make the best use of your presentation time, and to be considerate of our busy schedules, we ask you to follow some simple guidelines…


You will most likely be presenting to two departments: the order processing department and the sales department. Our sales reps will want to see and learn about the products in regards for how to sell them to current and new customers. For presenting, we would ask you to start by showing off product to both teams. Retail pricing is important for this part of the meeting. We ask that this part of the meeting be limited to 20-30 minutes. We are a fast-paced company and our reps will catch on quickly. We will then dismiss the sales team and finish the meeting with our order processing department.


For the order processing department portion of the meeting, we can go over our vendor relationship, net pricing, terms, rebates, and all the ways we can help each other. Please do not discuss net pricing with this team. These are the individuals who work with you as a supplier. They handle the selecting of products from your line, vendor terms, pricing, etc. Net pricing information should only be discussed with them. We will excuse the sales team prior to these discussions.


Our target audience usually relates to real estate, student housing and businesses that cater to college students. This is the type of product we are most interested in.


Thank you and we look forward to our time with you!

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