Introducing Illumaprint Light Panels!

Who wouldn’t want this in their leasing office, hospital, lobby, etc.? Make a statement with What’s Happening Promotions!

Just imagine your artwork and graphics illuminated for maximum impact. We introduce you to Illumaprint, a revolutionary, patented light panel on which we can print your graphics, and illuminate for eye-catching displays.
Illumaprint is the first of its kind to be able to use ink with illuminating properties through the application of nanotechnology. The light panels are flat, thin and flexible, making them ideal for standard and custom applications. Illumaprint is versatile and highly efficient. Unlike other illuminated displays on the market, this product consumes only 0.0625 watts/sq. ft., yet still provides soft, evenly distributed light that brings out the best of your artwork. It’s a brilliant solution for creating effective, appealing displays.

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